Over the years (since ~2003) I have been creating "signature logos" for Americaders...
just to make their message board postings look a little more distinctive and recognizable.

It started with the Kings and Queens - King Gomo was the first.

Some of the folks I've made logos for are still active on the forums; many are no longer active.
Some have moved away and no longer attend Americade.
And a couple of them have passed on to their final rewards
(R.I.P. Greenzter, Dave of Bethany, Cubbear, Subway Doll, and my wife, Lois)

A few on the forum were created -- and are hosted -- elsewhere.

As I was cleaning up my computer and website, I thought I'd delete some of those old graphics
that are no longer used, or that were created for people who never used them.
Then I thought, well why not just leave them there?
Better yet, why not let folks see them?

Many of the "owners" no longer post here.  But maybe others would be interested.

Since the replacement and update of the "phpbb" forum software a few months ago,
forum member e-mail addresses are no longer displayed,
and so logo-creation has stopped.
People don't know how to get in touch with me any more,
and I can't contact newcomers when I see them post the first few times.

I thought maybe by posting a link to a "logo page" displaying many of the "signature logos"
I'd created over the years, and providing my e-mail address...
those who were curious about how logos came about and "automatically appeared"
on certain posts, or were interested in having a signature logo of their own, they could contact me
 and we could have a conversation about what they'd be interested in.


Here are some of them, in no specific order:



 Goodbye Peggy, we loved you.  R.I.P. August 9, 2013

~ R.I.P. Vicky Sunshine ~ 6/14/2015

~ R.I.P. Artie Sunshine ~ on or around 2/22/2018 (no obit)

  My first "gift" to Lois - her "logo" - Valentine's Day,  2005

Farewell and Godspeed, Lois.  R.I.P. April 13, 2014

8/7/2017 - Farewell and R.I.P. Chris Lyng.  You will be missed.


R.I.P. Jeffrey ~ 2/27/2016

~ Rest in Peace, Canadian Friend...

~ R.I.P. Barry Stires ~ 9/1/2013

  Rest in Peace, Dave!

And just for fun...