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The reason for Americade registration IN PERSON is for insurance purposes.  Each individual participant (attendee) at Americade is required to sign a release waiver.  Signing the waiver must be witnessed by an Americade Staff Member in order to meet the insurance obligations for the rally.  This cannot be done in any manner other than in-person, hence the week’s registration lines and the waiting in line at the Holiday Inn.  Each person must sign for himself or herself.  Hubby cannot sign for the missus back at the motel, or his girlfriend out in the parking lot.  You've got to sign your OWN waiver – no one can sign for anyone else!

In-person registration also gives you a one-on-one opportunity to go over your package contents with the registration staff; to make sure the events you booked (and had confirmed) are included in your package, the tickets for your events are all printed out in the correct number, the pins that come with your tours are all accounted for, and you are assured that your package is exactly what it is supposed to be.  If anything is missing from your package, it is corrected on-the-spot!

Only when everything is in order does the staff put on your wristband.

Americade Registration runs about 20 registration "desks" on Monday and Tuesday to keep the lines moving fast.  So when you enter the Registration Room, you just look for the letter that matches your last name (the last name of the RIDER.)  This year they'll also open an hour earlier than last year, to TRY to beat the rush.

Think of registration as the “quality assurance” for the event.  It’s a small price to pay for ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Rather than complaining about the wait, view the wait as an opportunity… to run into old friends you’ve met here before, to meet new friends that you’ll look forward to seeing again and again, to be a part of a family that shares your interests, to enjoy the “rolling bike show” that passes you by while you wait, to discuss the past Americades you’ve attended with your neighbors in line, and to talk about the things you’ll be doing during the upcoming week.

Registration is but another part of the experience...

Instead of cursing it, embrace it... turn your lemon into lemonade!

- WCLamb

Things attendees can do to help make things move faster

  1. Read your confirmation when you get it.  If there are any changes to be made... call the office and do not wait until the day you check in... this takes a lot of time.
  2. If you haven't received a Confirmation Letter by May 15th... chances are, you aren't registered due to a variety of reasons.  Wait until May 15th... then call the office to check on your registration status.
  3. Bring your confirmation and identification into the registration room.
  4. Bring your co-registrant inside... we can not give a wristband out unless the Insurance Waiver has been signed by all registrants.
  5. Bring your glasses... in case you want to read the waiver. :~)
  6. If you are hauling a trailer... drop it off at your accommodation first.  There is "No room at the Inn" for such long vehicles on Monday and Tuesday.
  7. Arrange to meet friends at another location... so we can open up parking for other attendees coming in.

-- Christi Dutcher
Registration Coordinator