It is with great sadness that we said good-bye to our good friend, John Floyd... the Americade Videographer we all grew to know and love.  There's no way any other person as wonderful and unique as John will ever be able to take his place at the Americade Motorcycle rally.

John, we loved you.  And we'll miss you.


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Shooting at the Americade Parade Lineup - June 3, 2006


Our favorite photo of John...
No other picture captures his essence like this one!
Atop Prospect Mountain, Lake George, NY 2006

Finally! John's whole smiling face!

Lake George Steamboat Dock - June, 2009

Hidden behind the camera, as usual...


In a lifetime, many people cross our path.  Some people are transient; they come into our lives, mostly unnoticed, and leave again as quickly as they arrived.   With some, we develop a relationship that may last for a day, perhaps a week or more, or maybe even years.   We call some of these people acquaintances; they are people that we know, but who don't leave much of an impression on us.

And then, there are the others; people who enter into our lives and leave an indelible mark behind.  Maybe it's the mark of aggravation, or of anger, or of jealousy.    Sometimes people leave a hurtful mark from a failed romance.   Sometimes it's a mark we enjoy, called friendship.

And sometimes people leave the mark of love.

Friendships span the ages, unwavering, and never fade away.  Although there may be differences of opinion, a true friend is one who never lets those differences change their friendship.  There is an affection between friends -- not sexual -- not romantic -- just the pure enjoyment of being in the presence of one another.  There's the joy of just being together.  The jokes, the laughter, the story-telling... these are all the elements of friendship.  Those moments of friendship are something to relish, to savor, and to hold onto when we part ways. 

And we always part with an anxious desire to get back together.  Our friendships will never end...

But sometimes they do... and for reasons beyond our control.  Death has a way of taking away our friends.

John Floyd was a friend to me.  He was someone I called "friend" from the time we first met until he went on to his final reward.  I live near Philadelphia, known as the "City of Brotherly Love", translated from the Greek. 

I can't think of a more fitting description than to call John "Philadelphia."   He was like a brother; the brother  I never had.  He loved everyone he met.  All who met John loved him back.  What better word to describe a loving brother?


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